Benefits of Joining

Here are some good reasons for joining PollenTree

Free to join - quick and easy

We have more members and so more potential matches

We actively moderator PollenTree

Have potentially suitable members recommended to you daily

Your privacy is important to us

No ads or ad tracking

Why Subscribe to PollenTree

Find and message other serious and committed members

Appear higher in relevant search results

We never have access to or store your payment details, all payments are secure

You can cancel your subscription at any time

Subscribing creates trust between members

A paid-for service discourages the wrong type of member

What we do that other sites simply do not

Full moderation of all new members - we do this to prevent the wrong type of people joining.

IP address resolution, to check people are where they say - prevents scammers & spammers.

IP address blocking, specific IPs or country-wide IPs to limit access from known problem areas.

24/7 support & backup.

Your privacy is important, we do not allow surnames or details that may readily identify members.

We follow the "right to be forgotten" - if you leave PollenTree we remove all of your data. We do not retain or sell your data - unlike other sites.

All of the above takes people, time & money - this is the reason we charge a subscription for messaging.

If you would prefer not to pay there are free options out there with little or no moderation, filled with people we have rejected - all for very good reasons.

We believe that a properly run service is important.

PollenTree is open to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion

PollenTree is free to join and inclusive

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