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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 62

Location: Vancouver, Washington, US

I am a Caucasian male
I am 5’ 11” tall
I weigh 180 lbs and am of Norwegian/UK descent.
I was adopted at birth as my biological mother and father could not care for me adequately, at the time.
I have no genetic disease issues and have very strong cardiac, cholesterol, and blood sugar numbers.
I am a college graduate and have a recently tested I.Q. of 168.
I have brown hair and blue eyes.
I am naturally athletic and have excelled at many competitive sports: Ice Hockey, Baseball, and Golf.
I have a unique ability to solve very complex problems and have an intuitive and compassionate nature. It would be an honor to help you realize your dreams of parenthood.
I have no biological children of my own and am stepfather to three here in the Northwest. I have been in a committed relationship for over 25 years and would like to continue my unique lineage by helping one like yourself.

Please feel free to message me. I will respond and we can connect and decide if this might be a match for us both.

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