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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 22

Location: Layton, Utah, US

I'm GG. I have a wife and one beautiful baby boy and want to help others who cannot enjoy the same luxuries. I am a physics and engineering student in Utah and would preferably donate to someone in the area. I have an Associates degree in Medical laboratory sciences, and currently working on Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics and electrical engineering.

I am a very thorough person so if anyone is inquiring I would rather have a written agreement signed by both parties before any actions are taken. I am only willing to do AI as I am in a very committed relationship.

I think it should be up to the recipient as to the extent/status of contact any children conceived have with me. I am not looking to co-parent but any contact with me in the future will be up to the recipient and their comfort level.

I take effort to stay fit and do strength exercises every morning in attempts to stay in shape. Additionally, I spend many hours a day helping college students with Math. I enjoy going to the park with my family. Playing video games with my friends on the weekend, and solving physics problems with anyone willing to ask questions.

I am 6'1" tall and have olive brown skin (I am Latino [el salvador and brasil]). I am currently a little overweight but I am usually not (not enough money for healthy food right now). The babies in my family are generally called cute. I am bald by choice since it is normal for people in my family to have a very deep widows peak and I just don't want to deal with styling it to look nice (No one in my family is balding, I just don't like the hassle of hair). My facial features are extremely dominant characteristics, deep dark brown eyes, brown hair, wide nose, and thick eyebrows/lashes.

Connect with me and let me know what your thoughts on artificial insemination are!

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