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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 54

Location: Bronson, Michigan, US

I am a white male. I was a good student, honor roll last 2yrs of high school. I was accepted for college but my folks could afford. I did go in 2002 but was working 12 hr days and it was a 3hr ride both ways to my MSU extension class, so I had to drop out after just 5 weeks.

I worked in many kinds of factory. I have been overseas 5 times. I love to travel been to 30 states and 2x to Canada. I watch the follow news and liberal politics, and wrestling. Whatever I'm interested in I get really into finding more about it.

I was real close with my father but, he passed last year. I had a great childhood we traveled a lot and had a lot of machines like mopeds and 4wheeelers.

My Filipine wife and I tried for 5yrs to have children on our own. I was rested and I had high enough count. I accept that I will never have children with my wife but I would like to pass on my DNA and help ppl in a way we couldn't afford to take advantage of. So if you are the amazing person who will give this guy a chance to give the gift of life, tell me what you want me to do?

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