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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 46

Location: Toronto, Ontario, CA

I am a professional woman of a rich cultural heritage who loves to travel and enjoy the arts. An aspiring good cook with a passion for wellness and a quirky impulse for books.

I'm very close to my family (including my relatives). My friends see me as a comedian under a shell of serious-mindedness.

Ultimately I am looking for a gentleman to raise a child with, to share the joys and challenges of parenthood. I want someone with whom I share the principles and values that are important to me such as family, respect, consideration among others. My father has always been very present in my life and I would like for my child to benefit from a close relationship with their father as well.

The ideal co-parent is a professional who is mature, open-minded, authentic, and with whom I can have honest conversations. Although we will be building a platonic relationship, we must be able to enjoy each other's company. Financial stability and being financially responsible are necessary.

I'm also open to sperm donations and IVF.

Your questions are welcome.

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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