Elise / Pittsford
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 22

Location: Pittsford, New York, US

I am looking for a sperm donor for myself and my partner. We are both FtM trans looking to start a family within the next year. Looking for a donor to give us that special gift of parenting. We both work full time and are in a living situation that makes it flexible to start this process. I would rather do it now when the time is right. Would like to conceive through Ai only :) Hmu for more info

Im a Hispanic Puerto Rican/Guatemalan

Going to school for early childhood development to work at a Daycare or be an assistant teacher

I paint on my free time or play a few video games

Why do i want to have a kid so young? Im at the peak of my health and financially equipped atm! Why wait and be less prepared than now? I’ve always wanted a baby since well i was a baby haha! But in all seriousness im ready to start a small family with my partner.

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