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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 38

Location: Vinton, Texas, US

I am a single woman who just hasn't met "the one". I've dated a couple of times, but they were not lasting relationships, and I don't want to continue waiting and hoping for the right man to come along. I really want to have a baby, even if it means doing so single. I have been dreaming about it and planning for years, and now have decided to take the first steps toward making that dream come true.

Growing up, I was a very active child. I loved sports, the arts, and just keeping busy. Education is very important to me, and I love to learn all I can. I want to raise my children in the same way, loving to learn, being active, and pursuing whatever goals or interests they have.

I come from a small family, but they are all very loving and supportive. This path I've chosen to take may be far from the traditional way of having a baby, but that would not change the love and care the baby would receive. My family would be overjoyed by another addition. Family is so important, as well as teaching values and manners. I'm not necessarily a religious person, but I believe in doing our best to be a good, caring, and compassionate people.

I'm a very quiet and private person. This is not a platform in which I'm used to engaging with people. I use social media, but I've never used so much as a dating app before, nevermind a platform to find someone to donate sperm, so I want to be a little cautious coming into this for obvious reasons. I'll share more about me after at least some initial communication with anyone who could be a potential match.

I want to disclose right away that I am not interested in co-parenting. I would not be seeking any support for myself or the child, I have a stable home and income, and am able to do that on my own. I just hope to find someone who would be willing to help me realize my dream of having a baby.

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