Jalynn / Owensboro
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 25

Location: Owensboro, Kentucky, US

We are a queer couple - We have been together 2+ years and have recently gotten married! We have a beautiful daughter from a previous relationship and are looking to add to our family through AI. We both work full-time with an estimated yearly income of over 90K. We work hard to give our child a beautiful life and hope to give our next child the same - going to see their favorite shows live, spending much of our time at playgrounds or children's museums, learning about animals at the zoo, traveling as often as possible.

We love animals and have several pets of our own, staying active (yoga and swimming are our favorites), cooking and baking, exploring historical buildings, playing video games as a family, and writing poetry and painting.

Because we're in the Midwest, it's important to us that our donor will terminate rights so can legally adopt our next child(ren).

Other than that, we're open to any donor who is STD-free and content with anonymity at least until our child is old enough to decide on their own if they want a relationship (probably after 18+). Because of our work schedules, it may be difficult to travel more than about 4+ hours when trying to conceive - so closer is better, but we're open to shipping as well. Not interested in NI - our daughter was conceived through AI so we're very familiar with the process.

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