Janey / Crowborough
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 45

Location: Crowborough, East Sussex, GB

I don't particularly believe in the zodiac, however people tell me I am a typical capricorn...loyal, trustworthy, often too sensible, a little bit stubborn! I also usually get what I want in life through hard work, determination and being compassionate towards others. However, as I head towards the wrong side of 35, I have not been lucky enough to be a parent yet. That is something I can't achieve without a little help! I do believe that there is a guy out there in the same position. I hope to make good friends with him, that we can share the same outlooks, the same ideals and be good parents - the ultimate gift to each other and a long lasting friendship and understanding because of it.
I believe that passion in life is really important. Passion for friends, family and work. I also believe that physical fitness is important and can help with all sorts of lifes challenges. I feel that good morals around treating others well, compassion for all life, and a drive to succeed in whatever the goal is, are all important things to pass on to a small person.
If any of this is ringing bells, I also think getting to know someone, should be over a good coffee....

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (female)
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