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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 32

Location: Cardiff, Wales, GB

Well, this is pretty weird, huh? Guess I should talk about myself a little:

My name is Payton, I'm a 25 year old and I'm a journalist and comedian. I eat a lot of bacon and I quite like cartoons.

So, here's the sitch: I am deeply in love with my partner and we want to start a family together. Unfortunately, my partner is a bit older than me and had a vasectomy about fifteen years ago due to various health issues he didn't want to pass on to any children (which he didn't find out about until after he had his son but thankful he didn't get it). We certainly can't afford to have a reversal (and given how unsuccessful they can be with how long it's been it seems a waste of money) and I'm not eligible for IVF so it seems that at-home artificial insemination is our only option.

Ideally I'm looking for someone who looks a bit like my partner (white with dark hair, brown eyes) however I'm not, in theory, oppose to any offer. If you can help me out at all please get in touch.

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