Jrtx4fun / Corpus Christi

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 40

Location: Corpus Christi, US

I am 32, 6'2 & 240 lbs. I am very healthy, fit, and muscular. I am and have always been drug and disease free. I have perfect vision with hazel/greenish colored eyes with golden flecks. Though I am classified as Caucasian, my ethnicity is mixed. I am mostly Germanic, but have several different strains of Native American also. I have a dark olive toned skin and tan very easily. I have never had braces, and had four wisdom teeth removed when I was 20. I still have all my hair.

I am very successful professionally and in extracurricular organizations, very athletic (NCAA, former tournament martial artist and pro rodeo cowboy), college educated and highly intelligent having made the deans list. IQ scores range from140-169.

There are no historic genetic problems or issues in my family; diabetes, downs, autism, dyslexia, addictions, etc. most have lived into their 80's and beyond on both sides, with an average height of 6 ft or more.

I have sired several children from other female friends, and they had blond to very light brown hair, most had similar eye color to me with a couple that were bright blue and only one that was brown, or at least very dark hazel in color. The average birth weight is 7-8 lbs, and all are developmentally in the 90%+, with the oldest now in gifted classes, as was I in elementary school.

I do not insist on being part of the child's life and respect and understand the privacy of all those involved. However, I am very selective on who I donate to ensure the well being of the child and that it is loved.

I have a flexible schedule and can travel, but am located in the south Texas/San Antonio area.

Let me know how things look on your end so we can start a dialogue.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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