Kristina / Moscow
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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 35

Location: Moscow, RU

I'm from Russia and currently living in Moscow. I have a deep passion for history, a budding interest in philosophy, and I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading books, and traveling. I identify as bisexual. Cheerfulness, optimism, and responsibility are my key traits.

I am seeking a co-parenting partner who shares my views on life and child-rearing. Important qualities for me include reliability, honesty, and the ability to look forward with optimism. I believe in the importance of open communication and respect in relationships and am looking for someone ready to take an active role in a child's life. It’s important to emphasize that I am seeking co-parenting without romantic or sexual relationships.

My goal is to create a loving and supportive family for our future child. I want my child to grow up in an atmosphere of love, understanding, and respect. I am open to discussing all aspects of co-parenting to ensure that our expectations and goals align

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (female)
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