LaraLuna / Santa Fe
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Age: 49

Location: Santa Fe, NM, US

Just beginning to explore my options, I would like very much to be a mother. I am very close with to my parents and run our family business which deals with design, I am musical and lyrical, my father is russian-jewish and my mother is black (some native american) and I was born in Mexico needless to say I have a very global cultural perspective I am fluent in English and Spanish, speak some French and understand some Portuguese and Italian, I love food and traveling and the ocean. I'm hoping to be blessed with the chance to have my own child to love and teach and share with and guide and follow. Even though I live in NM I like spending time in NY, LA, SF, MIA, I went to college in MN. I think families can look many different ways and even though I am prepared (ha) to parent "on my own" I am open to clear discussions about co-parenting.

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