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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 29

Location: Burpengary, Queensland, AU

I have had a deep yearning since i was a child myself to be a mother and have always had a motherly instinct towards younger siblings and relatives. I have recently left a long term relationship due to the other person not wanting the same things as myself (children etc.).

I love photography and anything artistic, I have a wanderlust for the world around me and wish to travel as many places as possible one day, a child would just be a travel buddy with me and get to come along and experience everything i do (art, food, adventure and fun). I have a large extended family who all adore and love babies and children and as the saying goes 'it takes a village' and my village is my family. Although i grew up with a single parent for most of my life and have always wanted the family unit i never had, i feel my time is running out a lot faster than i can blink most days so my only other option is to become the best possible single parent i can and provide for the one child in every way possible and give them everything i never had.

I have worked in the past as a childcare worker (which only made me want children even more), a chefs apprentice/kitchen hand, a cleaner, a retail worker, a nanny and many other jobs that all relate back to motherhood. I feel most of the jobs i have chosen in the past before realising my dream career has always had something to do with wanting to be a mother and or being able to provide for my future family at some point.

I would ideally love to meet the right person and fall in love and have a big family but as i mentioned previously, i feel my time is limited especially due to my age. My ideal donor would have a clean bill of health and a history of little to no mental health issues (mental health issues already run on my side and i don't want to doom my child on both sides).

I am myself already mixed race so my donor can be anything but preferably caucasian/mixed just because as a single parent and someone who is myself year round caucasian presenting I feel it would make things easier around my anxiety of already being a single parent when it comes to questions about whether or not my child is actually my child. I would also prefer not only discretion from my donor but anonymity when it comes to raising the child - I will never expect anything beyond your donation after the fact.

I have a very diverse family and friends in my life and believe my future child will be raised to love and care for everyone regardless of who they are or how they present themselves as that's how i was raised.

I can't wait to hear from potential matches and begin this process (i am wanting to begin the process within the next year). Thank you for reading this far and i can't wait to hear from you and start this journey.

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