Mavel / Stockton
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 33

Location: Stockton, California, US

Hello I’m joining this site because I want to be a mommy, growing up I never really cared for kids and thought pregnancy wasn't for me but as I got more mature and after being around others who make me feel comfortable with the thought of bringing life into this world.

You’re wondering why I’ve waited, it’s because I’ve done some growing up and I'm ready to have a baby, I want the kind of father who has a good heart and a kind soul who sees the beauty of the world.

I want this baby to make a mark on the world and stand up to change and just show others love, I really don’t mind if the father is there for their child. I want to raise someone who leads with their heart.

Ps I prefer Asian or European males only please don’t take it the wrong way I just have a specific goal in mind that I’m trying to achieve.

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