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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 40

Location: Orlando, Florida, US

Im in great shape. I have black hair, hazel eyes. I did a 23and me DNA screening. On my mothers side, I'm French/German and on my fathers side, Im Irish/English. I have no medical conditions, I get annual physicals. I'm a college graduate. Im prior military. I currently work in the healthcare field.

The reason I decided to join, I had helped a friend who is currently in a same sex partnership conceive a child. I saw the joy they had when they found that they were having a baby. I'm going to be upfront with you as well as I was with them. I am not looking to co-parent by no means, though... I would still love to see him or her as he or she grows up.

Im a very discreet individual, and only here to help others if needed. I can and will provide a current medical STD exam, as I will need to request one from you as well. I do not smoke, nor drink. If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to contact me. I big into 80s movies, 90s sitcoms, and a theme park junkie.. :-)

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