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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 44

Location: Penrith, England-Cumbria, GB

I've been looking for a female coparent/s on and off for over ten years. The difficulty has been my geographical location, which is The Eden Valley in Cumbria. I am looking to meet people who are reasonably local, as a glorified sperm donor isn't really what I'm looking to be!

I would like to get to know someone pretty quickly, as time is ticking, but I do think it's critical to ensure compatibility before conception is attempted.

Parenting has always been a priority above all else, but as a single gay dude, has never been easy to achieve. I believe parenting is a job and a job for life and I want to have the opportunity to parent as much as my child's mother/s.

If you are aware of Myers-Briggs personality types, I'm ENTP (if you know, you know) and we're unconventional innovators and problem solvers; unfortunately however, I haven't managed to solve the problem of my childlessness so far! Are you the one/s to change that?!

I have a wide range of interests, though I'm hoping to have a reason to curtail them in the not too-distant future. They include acting on stage, singing, sewing, poultry, ragdoll cats and occasional breeding of them, googling random things I think about and things to do with my job. I was horsey until recently.

I manage bovine reproduction on farms and whilst it isn't a graduate career as such, it is related to my degree, which was Animal Science. I work long days, but that means that I get more days off, particularly on weekdays, which gives me good flexibility for looking after a child and saving on nursery fees!

I'd love to hear from anyone in Cumbria, or one of the counties that borders Cumbria. I think it's time to cast the net wider, as I'd rather be a commuting parent, than no parent at all. If you happen to be considering a relocation to The Lake District or The Eden Valley, even better! 🤣

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