Mysterygirl / Chichester

Biological Sex: Female

Age: 44

Location: Chichester, GB

'm caring, active, bright, good degree, single, hetrosexual, slim and attractive. I live in a small village and own a 3 bedroom detached home which is in a nice, friendly, quiet cul-de-sac where children still play in the streets. I have so much to offer a child, but unfortunately in this respect life hasn't panned out how I had hoped. I have a very supportive, loving and intelligent family who live locally and not so locally.

I am interested in both sperm donation and co-parenting; but I would really like to meet you first and talk about what we both want. I would be happy to email photos of myself, I'm just not comfortable with posting them online at this stage. If you think you might be interested then I'd like to chat. I'd like to learn a bit more about you.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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