Nicolealexcea / Phoenix

Biological Sex: Female

Age: 27

Location: Phoenix, US

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I'm 21 years old. My partner's name is Alexcea and we've been together for 2 years. We are truly, madly and deeply in love and we are more than ready to start a family together. As a lesbian couple, the process and treatments to get pregnant are very expensive and we just can't afford it. We are hoping to find a sperm donor that will help us make our dream come true and have a baby.

Alexcea is 23 and she is a huge UFC fan! She loves the AZ cardinals and is a massage therapist. She loves the good old converse and van shoes. She is an extremely great cook and amazing at drawing. Her creativity is off the charts. She was an all star in high school and played both basketball and softball during her all 4 years. She's Mexican-American.

Me, Nicole, I'm 21 and I am a private security guard. But I am going to voluntarily quit my job during the pregnancy and enjoy the beauty of it. I love to sing, and crochet and read books. English is my favorite major so anything dealing with literature I'm in love with. I love animals and I'm a huge home body.

Together, Alexcea and I love to go to Zoos, and Parks to feed ducks, we love the movies, or painting together and going to little festivals. We are truly inseparable and we most definitely love attending Sunday church services. Family is in our nature and we are planning on getting married after we have our baby, so that the baby can be involved in pictures and in our ceremony.

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