Probity / Belfast

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 36

Location: Belfast, GB

I am a Caucasian American living in the UK, working on a Phd at University. I have a BA from an accredited University in the USA, and 2 Masters degrees from UK universities (can supply credentials if requested upon meeting). My focuses are in the sciences, both biomedical and social.

As for my physical appearance, I am tall by most standards (6 foot 2 inches, or 188 centimetres tall). I have a medium to large build, and I am extremely fit. As with my educational studies, I take my physical fitness extremely seriously. I have medium to dark brown hair (wavy), medium to light brown eyes.
As to my background, I have Swedish, Italian, Dutch-English (as I was told about my grandfather), and Scots-Irish. Most people would describe me as looking more Italian, though percentage wise I am more Swedish.

As to my personality, I am driven, motivated, competitive, but also deeply thoughtful (sometimes to a fault). My sense of humour is often silly, which helps moderate my serious approach to so many of my other concerns.

Creatively speaking, I am accomplished at sculpting and drawing, but never took up painting or music (though I often regret not learning an instrument).

So, in summary, I am a tall, athletic, academic with a creative streak.

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