Readyformore / Manchester

Biological Sex: Female

Age: 32

Location: Manchester, GB

So, I'm not sure where to start!
I've put a lot of thought into this and I am definitely ready to bring a child into my life.
I have 3 amazing god children and I brought up my younger brother from him being almost 3.
I don't have a big family, but kids have always been a part of my life.
I would love the whole family, settle down, get married, have kids. But in this generation people seem more bothered about how many likes their selfie got than making something last.

I'm down to earth and settled in my own life, but I would adore a little mini me.
I'm looking for a sperm donor ideally, but I wouldn't mind if the right person wanted to be a part of (our) childs life. Even just as the "cool" uncle who drops by and sugars them up every now and again.

Side note; I do have a lot of piercings and tattoos. These are a part of me, but I accept not everyone is into that.

Interested In

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