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Age: 49

Location: Portsmouth, GB

Attractive, intelligent and warm brunette in a relationship with a beautiful partner who cannot provide me with a baby. I'm a strong advocate of NI, as I and my partner believe this is both the most likely successful route but also the method which best suits our attitudes to being human. I now want a baby and my partner actively supports my doing so through NI with other men.

Important: Given the alarmingly vague legal situation around NI, but our strong desire to take this natural route, we have decided as a couple we would rather NOT know the biological father, to this end I hope to work with 2-4 donors who would be willing to partake in 'NI++" meaning all donors spend 2-3 evenings at our home around ovulation and enjoy intercourse with me freely during that time. In short my womb would be blessed with the sperm of a number of donors so that the father would always be totally anonymous.

Obviously it's a given we are actively NOT seeking donor involvement with the child post conceiving.

I know this is really sounds a bit weird and out there, and obviously it would involve all parties being fully tested to ensure we are all protected, but I hope I can find men that, like me, would find this idea of 'tribal conception' with me, both natural and beautiful.

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