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Age: 55

Location: Poplarville, US

I'm an intelligent hetero man who is willing to share with the right lady (Single or Couple Same sex or Heterosexual). I want to know that you will be capable of providing for any children we produce. We need to talk about my contact or lack thereof of any children conceived. I'm currently not married, and I'm at a point where I'm ready to meet new people, and to help them achieve their dreams of creating a new life. I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering and currently working at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Yes, I'm a Rocket Scientist. How many children can say that about their dad. I was raised a Christian, but believe in a loving God larger than the "official" version in the bible. I believe that the thought's that we hold determine the life we experience. The more loving the thoughts the higher the frequency we are. I believe that life should begin with both parents contributing these higher frequencies. Which is why I think NI is the best method to create the miracle of life, but I'm open to AI. I'm sure you have a million questions for me. I have a lot for you as well. Contact me today to see if you are the right lady my seed!

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