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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 37

Location: Kyneton, Victoria, AU

I’m a woman looking to add to our family. I’m single with a 6yo daughter. We live on 6 acres and have sheep, alpacas, dogs, a cat and maybe some chooks again soon. I have a close and very supportive family. My co-parenting arrangement with my daughters dad is amicable.

I work full time as a nurse. We enjoy the small things in life, like scratching in the garden and going on adventures. I can’t offer a big life but I believe I can offer a good one with lots of love.

I’m getting older and my body thinks it’s nearly time to shut up shop. I’m still cycling but I’m not sure how long for as this time last year the specialists told me it was all over. My GP and I had other ideas. So, feeling the press of time I’m looking into finding a sperm donor.

I had a great donor but he’s decided to pause donations due to what’s happening in the world at the moment. Hoping to find an equally wonderful donor.

I’m a non-smoker/drinker. No mental health issues in the family. Only issues are low BP and high cholesterol (maternal side). Of Hungarian and UK descent. Thanks for reading.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
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