a_genius_donor / Arlington

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 44

Location: Arlington, US

I am a documented genius and member of high IQ societies. On a related point, I have several advanced degrees and certificates from prestigious universities.

I hit all of my childhood milestones early. That includes sitting, speaking, talking, walking, and reading. In late elementary school, I read books that friends were later assigned in honors through AP 12th grade English classes. By middle school, I was tested as a college- level reader. The institutions of higher education which I attended all have high rankings in the fields in which I studied. While in school, I earned multiple prestigious assistantships and fellowships.

Most of my interests are academic. I am an avid reader, enjoy tracking political issues, and like to keep informed of advances in the sciences. A lot of the events I attend out on the town involve attending something to do with the arts (e.g. plays, concerts, dances).

In the areas of athletics, I have been proficient at a variety of stick sports, fencing, roller blading, and running at various points in my life. I am also better than average at certain partner dances. However, I had a couple of injuries that cut down on my exercise activities.

I have been involved in some form of public and community service for most of my life. This has included efforts on the environment, education, child welfare, labor rights, civil rights, human rights, and animal care. I have been involved in local, state, federal, and international issues.

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