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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 37

Location: Eastbourne, GB

Hello Pollen users,

My name is Jen, I'm 28 & live in the South East of England. I was raised by the sea & had a happy childhood & enjoyed winding my brother up back then just as much as I do now. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia & devoted my time in winding the nurses up & learning how to race a wheelchair down the corridors at all hours. I now have yearly checks & am fighting fit. As I missed out on schooling in my teens, I have been a little late to obtain any formal qualifications... But this has not held me back! I have worked for various local authorities in my working history & have now been head hunted by one of their accountancy devisions to help facilitate, reorganise & introduce new systems.
My Andy is 14 years my senior & is the most amazing man I have ever met (apart from my dad & brother). He was raised in the North West of England & has 3 siblings. He is a rough diamond character (which I think comes from his years in the armed forces) & has a great talent in helping people. He is currently working for a consultancy firm offering business development & marketing solutions to businesses in need of a reshape.
We met 3.5 years ago & haven't looked back since!! Last year Andy proposed whilst on holiday in Lanzarote. He took me scuba diving & opened a little box with a shiney ring that almost blinded me at the bottom of the ocean. We have a happy, secure & comfortable life & are at that time where we want to hear the giggles, groans & everything else that comes with a lifetime commitment like this. We would be very good, understanding & supportive parents even through the hard gritty bits & will encourage a positive attitude to life.
Before I met Andy he was with Cruella Devile (how?... I don't know!). She made him have a vasectomy before telling him that she no longer wanted to be with him. This now holds us back as its been over 6 years there is a good chance that a reversal may not work. Andy asked me how I felt about sperm donation. "As long as you are comfortable with it & if the person donating is clean & healthy I am very happy to do this". He said that "it takes more than a sperm doner to be a dad".... & here we are!
We are a fun loving couple who enjoy country walks, history, antiques, music, art, good food, travel, family & some charity work for NCCA which is specifically for children who suffer with cancer.

We welcome any contact & thanks for reading about us.

Andy & Jen 😃

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