audreyro / Serrai

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 39

Location: Serrai, GR

Hi, I'm Audrey. Not a common name for a guy, I know :)
I'm 1.75, ~70kg, white, vegan, programmer, activist, environmentalist.
From Greece, but my country has draconian laws against sperm donations so I will donate anywhere else in Europe. I prefer to donate sperm to a vegetarian/vegan lesbian couple, because I want the kid(s) to grow up healthy, having two parents and learn values of caring for others. Caring is the most important value, everything else derives from it.
I want no contact with the kid(s), at least not until adulthood. In case you'd want the child to have a brother/sister in the future, I'll come again.
So - if you're from Europe and find me interesting, message me and we'll take it from there.

I wanted to have children for a long time, however life had other plans for me. As it turned out, my ex didn't want any kids, and we eventually split up. After a while I came to the conclusion that I want to have kids, even if I'm not going to know them. I just need to do this.

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