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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 52

Location: Framingham, US

I am open to helping anyone who is in a good position to raise a healthy happy kid. I think it's really up to the recipient/parent to determine the right level of contact. I'm only open to donation methods that are compatible with my marriage.

I have a lot of faith in the goodness of other people. I'm quiet and observant most of the time, but not shy or anxious.

I'm a redneck farmer at heart, having grown up in the mountain west. So I have a few pastimes where when I show up in my prius, people giggle (until they see me in action). By "redneck" I don't mean racist ignorant bigot. I mean someone who knows how to get things done in a lot of domains, including ones for in which city slickers either have no idea what to do, or are too paralyzed to function when faced with the reality of those parts of life. Perhaps I'm a non-xenophobic survivalist.

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