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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 44

Location: Houston, Texas, US

I'm a loving man with lots of love to give a child :o) I have over a decade of experience being a "father figure" to a little girl who is the love of my life, but I would really like my own child.

I'm tall, straight, active, healthy (no junk food, no processed food, and meat is rare), intelligent, medically clean, outgoing, funny, very communicative, stable, very loving and nurturing, have a wonderful reputation and a large loving family and support system.

I'm willing to share custody as much as possible as long as the child is loved and has us BOTH :o) Ideal for me is 50/50, but I'm also willing to take on most responsibility, as well. Just note: I've seen how feeling as though a biological parent has no interest can effect a child, I don't want that if at all avoidable... even if you decide to take a minor role/interest, please still take some (even if it's just dinner with them once a month).

I'd like someone who lives close to me (within two hours drive) or is willing to move to me. For two reasons: a) I have a LARGE loving support system within my family and friends that I am not willing to walk away from, and b) so you can benefit from that support as well. I don't envision some rigid schedule of custody; I see us working and being supportive of the baby together, and helping each other openly and flexible. You need to know I have your back, just as much as I want to know you have mine. That way the child gets all the love and support and encouragement possible.

Breast milk is important to me... I'd like to make sure there are arrangements for that. This topic, and how to accomplish it when the baby visits me, is entirely open to discussion :o) I'm even willing to stay nights during the early stages after birth so I can help you.

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (male)
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