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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 36

Location: missouri, Saint Charles, US

I have reached the point in my life where all I want is to be a mother. I have given up on good men in this world and am starting to believe my father was correct when telling me boys are no good. I am a very outgoing, well rounded family girl. I have a wonderful family behind me for support and have made up my mind this is the route I want to take. I am a very girly girl when comes to clothes but deep down I am a tomboy who has Cardinals season tickets and lives for a day at the ballpark.

I was a Nanny for the last 5 years helping raise others children but I got out of that business seeing as to how there is no retirement along with no benefits. I have been a live-in Nanny for a military family and then a Day Nanny for an infant until she was 2. Children are the greatest joy in the world to me. I think that education, active imagination, and sports are some of the most important things for small minds. Of course at the top of that list is Love there is nothing more important for a child than to know they are truly loved.

I am now a blackjack dealer in St. Louis. The pay is wonderful and with help from my family it’s a career that will allow me to spend tons of quality time with my child. All my friends refer to me as the stepford/soccer moma… in fact most of them call me “Moma MK” I am a very motherly type. I enjoy cleaning and cooking. I am the girl everyone comes to for hand sanitizer, band-aids, tissue, and of course gum. They say I have a Mary-Poppin’s bag… which is very true.
Few facts and thoughts on children:
I enjoy almost all sports…I played competition softball for years and baseball is above all my favorite! After baseball comes football which I do believe it or not understand for the most part… I started golfing at 3 and think it’s a wonderful to spend the day with my dad! Truth I am not that into soccer but feel that it’s a very important and wonderful starter sport for small children to learn team work
I was a tomboy and always played sports but I also enjoyed dance lesions and if I were to have a girl that is something I would start her in very young
I love live music… I listen to almost everything from Frank to Country to Jay-Z! I think that music is so important and will always be a huge part of my child’s life
I am a Christian and that is very important to me! I was raised in Sunday school!
I am an only child who was raised by my father with the help of his mother and father. He is a retired Fire Chief. He lives in downtown St. Louis about 20 minutes from me and will be a wonderful Poppa. I hope to have him as a sitter instead of someone I don’t trust. I was always watched by my Nana and Poppa and feel that family is so important. My Nana was a house wife and my Poppa is one of the oldest Judges in the State of Missouri. So I was blessed with an amazing family.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Adoption
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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