rb1412 / London

Biological Sex: Female

Age: 48

Location: London, GB

I am a single woman that just has not had the fortune to meet her life partner. I have wanted to be a mother for a long time and that time is quickly running out. I am hoping to find someone that is "conscious", even tempered, and with a good family health history. It concerns me that people announce that they frequent the gym, not because they do, but because that is not genetic. I would prefer someone that has a reasonable weight without working out and that does not have a high obesity rate in the family. These are concerns I have with my family and would like to give this child a chance at a healthy life. I am thin and always have been and I hardly ever see the inside of a gym. This does not mean I won't love my child no matter their shape, I just want to offer her/him the best chance at a healthy life through genetics, and a healthy food regime at home.

I am a avid naturalist and love to hike, be near water, and find animals and even plants fascinating. I would like to pass this appreciation of nature to my child. I want to love my child deeply, teach her/him patiently, and guide them wisely through their life.

On a lighter note, a good sense of humour, some silliness, and nice voices and inclination towards art run in my family. I am hoping to have s lot of fun with my child too. :D

I hope this helps you get a sense of who I am and why I am here.


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