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Age: 40

Location: Valdosta, Georgia, US

I am a physician specialized in a pediatric field. Up to now, I have had numerous successful A.I.'s which occurred on the first couple of attempts. I have absolutely no medical, psychiatric or substance use problems and no family history of anything like that running in the family. Genetic testing was done and indicates no inheritable illness in my genes - I can send proof of this if you wish. I am and always have been STD free and have STD testing to prove this. My BMI is around 22-23. I always have been drug, alcohol and smoking free. My IQ score is in the very high range. I am in excellent health and living a healthy lifestyle to continue that trend. My sperm count and quality has been tested and is above normal ranges. I am also blessed with an amazing wife that knows of my sperm donations and definitely supports it :). In terms of contact, I understand that recipient mothers want to have a child of their own and be able to have full control over the upbringing of the child. I for one have always agreed with that idea! As a rule I always sign a contract between the mother-to-be and myself stating clearly that the mother will always have full parental rights and that I will never have parental rights or obligations. I am completely fine with having no contact once the A.I. has been successful. Sometimes recipients agree to let me know once the baby is born, which makes me very happy to hear!!

You are welcome to send me a message and I will gladly get back to you :)

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