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What is Co-Parenting?
If you are here you may well already know about it, but in case - co-parenting, (also called "platonic parenting") is typically where two single people agree to have a child and parent together. However, it can also be two couples who agree to do the same, or even a couple and a single person.

Single People Co-Parenting
If you are single man or woman (regardless of your own sexual orientation) and you want to have a child and share parenting duties co-parenting could well be for you. People frequently fail to find the perfect partner with whom to have a child, but the need to have a child remains strong.

Lesbian or Gay Couples Co-Parenting
Lesbian or gay couples can also agree to be co-parents sharing parental duties between both couples.

Finding a Co-Parent
Finding a co-parent on PollenTree is easier - when you complete your PollenTree profile suitable co-parents are automatically suggested to you on your profile page. 

You can also search on PollenTree for co-parents. Search for a co-parent in your country or find someone local to you by searching by state/county and town/city. 

Successful Co-Parenting
We already have hundreds of members who have met on PollenTree and are now co-parenting their children. Some are even planning more children together. 

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