Guidelines for Sperm Donors
PollenTree is intended to be a safe environment in which to meet like-minded people. The following is intended as guidance for sperm donors.


Remember that you have a choice as to whether to donate as part of a private arrangement or whether to donate through a licensed clinic or sperm bank.

However, It is important to consider the legal implications of a private donation as you could be legally responsible for any child that you father.

It is important that you develop a relationship of trust with the recipient.

You should both agree on the level of any future contact with the child, or no contact, if this is agreed. However, it is vital to consider the welfare of the child. As the donor you should provide a copy of a form of photo ID, for example the photo page of your passport. This is so that the child can (if they choose) contact you once they have reached 18.

Equally if you want to co-parent you will need to agree contact arrangements and possibly financial arrangements with the recipient.

Remember that whilst written agreements between you both can be used as evidence of your intentions they are not binding in the same way as normal contracts.

Health Questionnaire
We recommend that you complete our health questionnaire.

It is important that you disclose all known sexually transmitted infections or genetic conditions to any recipient that you contact.

You should also be prepared to visit a private clinic for screening although you can recover the cost as part of your reasonable expenses agreed with the donor recipient.

Meeting on PollenTree
PollenTree is designed to make it easy to contact other members. When you are contacting someone you need to be respectful. The following actions are not respectful:

Negative or aggressive comments.

Persistently contacting someone.

Seeking natural insemination (NI).

In the case of sperm donation the only acceptable method is artificial insemination - both parties must respect this.

Meeting off PollenTree
When meeting someone off PollenTree we recommend the following:

Agree to meet in a public place.

Agree to meet briefly, initially.

Take time to get to know a potential sperm recipient. Remember it is for them to decide the pace of things.

Do not exchange any personal details until you are comfortable with the donor recipient and they are comfortable with you.

No Cost
It is against our terms & conditions for donors to charge anything more than reasonable travel expenses.

We rely on members to tell us when other members become a problem, so please let us know. We treat all complaints seriously and in confidence.

Our policy is as follows:

If we have direct evidence of a breach, for example a copy of an offending email or message sent we will immediately ban the member in breach, or if we receive 3 separate complaints about a member without direct evidence we will ban that member.

Let us know by emailing us or completing our contact form, see the relevant links below.

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