PollenTree Official Launch

PollenTree.com - new and free social network for future parents and co-parents

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 1st 2011 - Official Launch

POLLENTREE.COM the new and free social network for future parents and co-parents who want children using alternative methods - IVF, Sperm Donation, Egg Donation and Adoption.

Official Launch Day
1st August 2011 is our official launch day.
PollenTree has been in beta testing since November 2010.

Word of Mouth
In that time we have grown by word of mouth to more than 2,000 members.
We have quietly got on with building and testing the site.

Our members have told us what they like and what they don't like - a big thank you for your feedback. We are now acting upon that feedback and plan to launch new and improved features over the next few weeks.


We will remain free to use - no membership fees or fees for contacting other members.

We would also like to thank the media for their interest in what we are doing, particularly those journalists who contacted us at the beginning - you are well ahead of the curve.

Like a Child
Developing and launching PollenTree, and watching it grow has been a lot like having a child - very fitting.

For Those We Have Helped
For those we have already helped - thank you for your thanks. But you did (and do) the hard part, we just help a little bit. We look forward to more successful fertility treatments, adoptions and PollenTree babies.



PollenTree.com is a free website for those seeking to have children by alternative means. The site provides information and support for IVF, Sperm Donation, Surrogacy and Adoption for future parents and co-parents.

For further information contact:
Patrick D'Alton-Harrison
+ 44 (0)7971 032 655