Final Chance to Participate: Research into Online Donation

My name is Stephen Whyte and I am a social sciences researcher from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. For the past seven months (since June 2012) I have been trying to collect information on what drives the people who are participating in the growing market of online sperm donation.

I am conducting an online survey for either donors or people seeking donors online to fill in. The survey does not ask you to personally identify yourself, it is completely anonymous. We do not wish to identify you now or in the future. What we do want is a general demographic outline of you, so as to form a better idea of what has brought you to this forum/website. Understanding how you have got to this point, the factors that drive you and what is influencing your selection is the essence of this research. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to fill in.

This study is unique in that I believe it is the first of its kind conducted anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, reaching the people I am hoping to study has not been so simple.

In my attempts to reach people participating in this online market place I have posted blogs and requests to participate on more than half a dozen websites (such as this one), as well as emailing out requests to more than 1200 individuals from email addresses they have posted on open forums. Unfortunately more than 200 people have only viewed or only partially completed the survey, which is incomplete information I cannot use. Of the 1200 emails I sent out, more than 75% (900+) of them are false email addresses or time wasting, insincere individuals who are not genuinely looking to donate or find a donor. It saddens me to think of all the genuine people out their searching for the wonderful gift of parenthood, only to be “messed” around by these suspect individuals.

On a positive note, I have received several emails from people worldwide who have been happy to participate and have filled in the survey. They have told me of a range of issues (both good & bad) with online donation and expressed their passion for what they are trying to do and the people they hope to reach out to. Without such people completing the survey, my study would not be possible.

The online survey closes at the end of February 2013. If you are trying to donate or looking for a donor online I would ask that you please follow the links below to the relevant survey. The more people that participate in this research the more accurate the picture possible of what is actually happening and the more valid the outcomes of my research.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I would ask and hope that you follow the links below, fill in our survey and help us in our research endeavour. Thank you and good luck in your pursuit of the amazing gift of life.

If you are a donor please fill in the survey at this link:

If you are looking for a donor please fill in the survey at this link:

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email this research study has Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Ethics clearance, approval number: 1200000106. The opening page of our survey contains (in full) all Participant Information and contact details of the research team and QUT should you require any more information