Grayson Perry and You

Swan Films are making an arts series for Channel 4 with Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry. For this series Grayson is going to devise rites of passage that will help British families celebrate genuine milestones in their lives.

One of our episodes is exploring birth in contemporary Britain and I am really keen to follow a co-parenting story. Nowadays families come in all different shapes and sizes and this is something that we want to explore and celebrate. The idea is that Grayson will spend a bit of time with our contributors in the lead up to the birth, and through these encounters create a piece of art to mark the occasion.

At the moment we’re looking to speak to people who are on the early stages of their journey, recently pregnant or a handful of months in. It would be an informal chat with no commitment to take part, we just want to hear people’s stories at this stage.

For anyone wanting to find out more about the project please contact Adam: or 020 3095 9726