How we ban users

Hi everyone,

We thought it was time to restate our policy on banning users who breach our terms & conditions.

Our terms & conditions are comprehensive, however that means that some people don't get around to reading all of them, we understand that.

So it is always a good idea to just let people know how and when we ban users.

Our policy is as follows:

If we have direct evidence of a breach, for example a copy of an offending email or message sent (or we can see that a member is breaching our terms & conditions by any other way they are using the website) we will immediately ban the member in breach, or if we receive 3 separate complaints about a member without direct evidence we will ban that member.

We treat all reports to us in confidence.

Let us know by emailing us or completing our contact form, please see the relevant links below.

Contact Us
Code of Conduct
Terms & Conditions

On average we ban one member a week.
As we have more members signing up each day we expect this number to grow.

That is fine by us we want PollenTree to have great members, not just a great number of members.

You know how to contact us if you need to, so don't hesitate.


Patrick D'Alton Harrison