Important donation changes on PollenTree

Hi everyone

We have decided to make some important changes relating to the Sperm Donation section on PollenTree:

1. From now on the only accepted and allowed method for sperm donation on PollenTree is artificial insemination.

2. Requesting any other method is now a breach of our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.

We have decided to take this course of action because a very small minority of members seem to be confused regarding PollenTree.

PollenTree is not a dating website.
PollenTree is not an "adult" website.

Any members in breach of our revised terms will be removed.

Why we started PollenTree
We started PollenTree to help people, and we will continue to do so.
Anyone who seeks to compromise our community will be held to account by us.

What you can do
If you have a problem with another member on the site, just let us know, we will deal with it.

Thanks for reading.