Meet the co-parents: friends not lovers

PollenTree received a two paragraph mention in Stella magazine in The Sunday Telegraph:

"Tomorrow sees the launch of, started by Patrick and Rita D’Alton-Harrison, ex-lawyers from north London. Rita had the idea after a number of single female friends asked for legal advice on sperm donation. 'One had looked into IVF but found the prices extortionate so turned to the internet to seek a donor. I was horrified. That’s when we had the idea to create a safe environment for women like her to explore all parenting routes.

'We can’t believe the number of young, straight women joining our site who say they are simply not prepared to wait for Mr Right. The attitude seems to be, “I’m not going to compromise with a relationship just to have children.”’

It's nice to get a mention.

Judging by the number of tweets and Facebook recommends the article has garnered a lot of interest.

The article was written by Helen Croyden with an opening photo by Eva Vermandel.

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