Mother seeks surrogate to carry dead son's child

Marissa Evans is seeking a surrogate mother to carry a child; nothing particularly unsual in that.

However, the child will be produced using sperm extracted from her 21 year old son Nikolas who tragically died in hospital from injuries sustained trying to break-up a fight.

The 44 year old mother from Texas asked the hospital to extract her son's sperm before his life support machine was turned off. Apparently Nikolas wanted to have children and Miss Evans sees this as a way to achieve his dream.

Miss Evans will now use a donated egg to be fertilised with the sperm and then implanted in a surrogate mother to carry the baby.

Miss Evans went to court in order to secure permission for the extraction.

The egg donor was selected from profiles and chosen based on which woman Miss Evans thought her son would find the most attractive.

Due to the cost of the procedure in the US, (approximately $100,000) it will instead be done in a clinic in Mexico, where the cost is approximately $18,000.

However, the whole procedure has caused considerable controversy. Her ex-husband Chris Evans and his own parents are deeply against the decision.

Miss Evans is currently raising money to fund the procedure and hopes to have it carried out in the next few months.

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