New Moderation Process

Hi Everyone

We will soon be introducing an updated moderation process for new and updated accounts.

All new accounts will be moderated before they are fully functional and go live. When you join PollenTree you will need to confirm your email address and sign-up – this is the current process.

However, importantly new profiles will not go live and new members will not be able to add friends until their account is moderated and approved.

We are introducing this for a number of reasons:

1. To eliminate persistent former members - people who have been removed from PollenTree for breaching either our Terms & Conditions or Code of Conduct. This new process is designed to make it easier to stop these people from returning to PollenTree.

2. We have identified more potential problem members from certain countries (and areas within these countries) than others. By approving accounts before they go live we can neatly and painlessly remove these people, before they bother you. Typical annoying behaviour in these cases would be people on a different continent contacting existing members in a scattergun approach. Part of this is simply economic and geographic migration factors, so-called “green card surfers”.

3. To eliminate spammers – because PollenTree is easy to use we have had a small number of cases where spammers have joined in order to send commercial messages via our messaging system. The introduction of subscription-based messaging has eliminated the majority of this.

Slightly off-topic, but our new subscription service has been very effective in removing persistent problem members, (which was a major reason behind its introduction). We will provide more details via another blog post.

Inevitably adding an extra level of moderation will lead to an extra bit of time for new member accounts to go live, however we think this is a price worth paying – by everyone, because it benefits everyone.

It is important to remember what we do on PollenTree – when you are trying to have children it is a serious business, particularly when it is against the odds.

PollenTree is not (and never will be) just some social network that turns a blind eye to breaches of our Terms & Code. We do not hide behind any “freedom of expression” cop-out. Members who fall foul are simply removed. This is what members expect from us, and is what members are actually paying for. There are lots of free sites out there as an alternative, but they have little or no moderation and little incentive to do so. We are more than happy for the members we remove to go to these sites.

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