New search results photos


We have just luanched our new version of search and search results.

Search results now give priority to those users who have added a picture to their profile.

We all like to deal with real people and we want to know what people look like.

Sperm Donors Sperm Recipients & Co-Parents

As PollenTree is a place to meet sperm donors, sperm recipients and potential co-parents it is important to get an idea of what someone looks like.

Some users may not wish to add a photo and that's fine, but we want to encourage everyone to do so.

Users who complete their profiles and add a picture get more than 3 times as many views of their profiles.

Since we added the page counter to profiles (just last week) you can see this. Go to any profile page, including your own and see the number of pageviews displayed underneath the username.

Going back to search - the results for any search are still displayed A-Z, but are split into those with a photo, followed by those with the standard PollenTree avatar.

Hope you like this.

If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate - we are here for you.
Development Team