Surrogate mother carries cousin

Sandra Barlow from Maidstone, Kent, UK had attempted to become a mother through various IVF treatments for more than 17 years, but all proved unsuccessful.

Surrogate Niece

She had almost given up hope until her niece Emma Vaughan volunteered to act as a surrogate mother. Mrs Vaughan was already a mother of three.

IVF expense

Mrs Barlow had already spent £40,000 on seven rounds of IVF treatement, that all proved unsuccessful. Following the last round she decided to approach her niece to see if she would consider being a surrogate.


Baby Maia was born 13 months ago.

Mrs Vaughan, (who is Maia's biological mother and cousin) said,  "I was a bit shocked but I instantly said yes because I've always said if anyone ever asked me I would do it.  As it was my auntie's family, I decided to just do it. "

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