UK Adoption changes

The government is to issue new guidance to local authorities regarding interracial adoption.

Whilst the guidance is not statutory the government has indicated that it will "name & shame" those local authorities that fail to follow it.

The government feels that social workers wait too long to find a "perfect match" (ethnic match) for children from ethnic minorities who are waiting to be adopted.

Also, white couples are effectively being denied the chance to offer UK ethnic minority children a good home. This in turn leads to the ludicrous situation where it is easier to adopt a child from abroad, (whatever their ethnicity) than a British child who just happens to be from a different ethnic background.

Adoptive parents need to be aware of the cultural and support needs of child from ethnic backgrounds and the issues they may well face.

But surely if couples (and single people) are willing and able to adopt, they are willing and able to take account of the surrounding issues.

By leaving more ethnic minority children in the care system awaiting adoption local authorities are putting these children at a greater disadvantage. A disadvantage that only increases over time.

What all childrern (regardless of their race or religion) need is a loving home.

Waiting for a "perfect match" was understandable in the past, but not now.

With more mixed race couples having mixed race children the whole notion of ethnicity is being blended and changed.

Is it then such a leap to say it's ok for a white couple to adopt say a black or asian child?

The perfect match is a loving home; every child deserves that.