PollenTree reviews and feedback from real members.

"I've found a donor, thank you"- Tina

"After a test this weekend (on 2nd attempt with AI) it seems likely there has been successful conception"- Vicki

"I met someone on the site, thank you"- Liz

"I have met someone from here and we are going to co parent together. Thank you for making an awesome site!"- Elizabeth

"I found someone that I think I will keep in touch with and possible coparenting in the future"- Valeriya

"Thanks to PollenTree we were matched with a donor and are now pregnant"- Caitlin

"The service on this site was actually excellent"- John

"Thank you. I did find two couples to assist"- David

"Yes I've used PollenTree to find an AI donor for me and we met overseas halfway. I now have my daughter who is 2 yrs in August. PollenTree was easy to use and would recommend to others, but to persist for a bit"- elizab

"Thank you very much. I think your service is very useful. I have recommended it to some of my friends"- Marie

"We found a great donor on your site and hope to start our process this summer! Just working out all of the details now. Thanks for your services!"- Nicole

"We found a sperm donor. Thank you"- Jaybird

"I'm pregnant!!!"- Diane

"Feedback wise, I had a great experience using your site. It’s very user friendly and I especially appreciated the responsiveness. I did find a coparent through PollenTree, and we are expecting the birth of our child on June 9 (assuming all goes well health wise). Thank you for the service you offer this world community!"- Jenica

"I'm already pregnant~! YAY! Praise the Lord God bless" - DMH2000

"Thank you for your incredible service. I’m in talks with a couple of lovely people. Thank you for your help! I’ll keep you updated on any future babies" - Kim

"Really easy website to use and made the process of finding a donor a lot less complicated than I first thought it would be! The subscription for messaging was easy to activate and deactivate and not expensive. An amazing and helpful website for those in need. Thank you." - Jasmine

"I have successfully found a donor" - Toniandmegan

"I have finally found the man of my dreams to have a family with" - SweetAngel43211

"I am already pregnant and so far all is good" - stas

"I have found a donor" - looking_for_donor

"I met a wonderful co-parent on here and our beautiful daughter was born in October. I am so happy that PollenTree has given us this wonderful opportunity to be parents. Best of luck to everyone on here still looking, I hope your dreams come true. Without PollenTree I'd never have met my lovely co-parent." - Oaktree

"I am happy to report that PollenTree assisted in the birth of my baby girl in July!" - Drkate

"Yes I have been successful finding a recipient straightaway, and she is now pregnant. Both her and her partner are overjoyed, once baby no.1 arrives her partner wishes to carry baby no.2, hence leaving the site (who knows there could even be baby no.3) Many thanks" - Steven38

"I actually found my boyfriend and father to my child thanks to your site. My dreams came true. Thank you!!" - foxybunny

"I have indeed found what I wanted through this site and I am very happy." - Eirelav

"I found my donor thank you all." - fk1428

"I have found a wonderful donor thanks to your site." - Anna25

"I went to your site because you respect the privacy of your subscribers, and conduct the site in an ethical and kind manner. This is huge, and think what you're doing to facilitate others is really great." - urbanfarm98

"I have found a donor, thank you!" - ymr3756

"Many thanks! Yes I have found someone on the site." - Famjin

"Thank you very much and also great website by the way!" - Jenlov

"I found a wonderful man to help me out, thank you for this site, its amazing" - amf9182

"I have a donor that I am in contact with and have already started the process, thank you" - kylamyla1995

"I've met someone with the ideal parenting characteristics I was looking for. Thanks!" - mayela_g

"Thank you!! I found a donor through your site and very excited !" - Made4Baby

"I am now in contact with 3 different potential co-parents and engaging in communications to inform my final choice. I will be happy to use the site again in the future" - AP


"My partner and I met a great guy on the site who kindly donated his sperm to us....for all the right reasons. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant! Great site you have created :) Thanks a million" - Ali


"We have found the site excellent, thanks. It's really easy to navigate. It was easy to communicate with our donor- particularly as messages also go to email inbox. The fertility calculator is a really great idea" - Michele and Verity

"I wanted to let you know I'm 6 weeks pregnant thanks to a donor I met on PollenTree. Your site and the donors on them are a God send" - miw1

"I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to becoming parents that need assistance from your site" - applepie7

"I did find a donor on PollenTree, in fact I found several. Tried for nearly a year with one donor then decided to switch to another. Only took 2 attempts. We are both very happy. Early days yet but exciting times ahead" - horsie2001

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